Smell Like Morsi – Hamas Member Arrested for Selling Morsi Perfume

morsi perf2

“An apology to customers — our Mohammad Mursi perfume has been seized by the authorities.”

Washington Post Baffled to Find that Most Egyptians Support Overthrow of Morsi

Democracy has come to mean getting rid of unpopular leaders, with or without elections.

Hatem Bazian and Al Jazeera Accuse Egyptian Government of Islamophobia


Apparently Muslims can be Islamophobes. Who knew?

Why It Matters Who Wins in Egypt


The battleground for the War on Terror.

Smiling to the World While Preparing with the Sword


One picture that captures the essence of the Muslim Brotherhood.

How Close Is the U.S. to the Muslim Brotherhood?


The political alliance goes back in time much further than most Americans think.

End of an Era for the Muslim Brotherhood?


Has the jihadist group done themselves in?

Obama’s Brother: Muslim Brotherhood Leader?


Egyptian media report on great revelations to come.

The Mideast Multiple Choice Exam


How Barack Obama would answer.

Ex-Chancellor of the Constitutional Court of Egypt Claims Obama’s Brother is a Muslim Brotherhood Member


And additionally that he oversees Muslim Brotherhood investments.