The Muslim Brotherhood President


With aid cut, Obama blackmails Egyptians into putting the Brotherhood back in power — or else.

Muslim Brotherhood Compares Egyptian Generals to Hitler, Makes them More Popular


The Muslim Brotherhood’s Qaradawi claimed that Hitler had been acting as an agent of Allah

Understanding Egypt’s Second Revolution

Where the U.S. went wrong.

When The Arab Spring Died


The movement that was born in Tunisia, dies in Tunisia.

CAIR’s Islamophobia Meltdown


A terrorist organization attacks its critics.

Inviting CAIR to Church


More churches team up with Hamas-linked group to learn about Islam.

Moroccans Protest Against Muslim Brotherhood Government


“We’re protesting because of high prices of milk, meat and now petrol,” 48-year-old Hassan Marrakchi said.

CAIR Honors Leading Interfaith Islamist


Success that any Muslim Brotherhood entity can appreciate.

Bye Bye Muslim Brotherhood – Egypt Bans Organization


NGOs in Egypt aren’t supposed to have their own private armies. The media is predictably refusing to report this aspect of the story.

A Christian Pogrom in Egypt


The unprecedented purge following Morsi’s ouster is only the tip of the iceberg.