A Christian Pogrom in Egypt


The unprecedented purge following Morsi’s ouster is only the tip of the iceberg.

Clinton Foundation Muslim Brotherhood Official Arrested for Inciting Violence

World Leaders In Politics, Finance Gather For Clinton Global Initiative

Much of his official work with the Brotherhood took place while he was still claiming to be employed by the Clinton Foundation.

Syrian Opposition Elects Muslim Brotherhood Prime Minister


“He began to preach Friday sermons at mosques in 1997, but was stopped after two years by the authorities.”

Hamas Now Hates Egypt More than Israel


“The first Islamist movement to take power on the Mediterranean now talks of making a last stand.”

Elections: Latest Excuse to Kill Christians


When there’s a problem at the ballot box, the Islamic world turns to jihad.

Pro-Islamist Fake News?


CNN’s questionable coverage of the Syria crisis.

Primary Target: Iran


Time to focus on the head of the snake.

The Delusions of Caliph Erdogan

A masked member of Hamas stands in front of a banner during a protest in Central Gaza Strip

The trigger that pushed the Turkish PM to speed up the resurrection of the Islamist empire.

Something About Mohammed: Egyptian Islamists Can’t Stop Kissing Morsi

And they say there are no gays in Egypt

Is there an explanation for the outbreak of Morsi loving?

Hamas Teaching Muslim Brotherhood Members How to be Better Terrorists


Hamas also gave 400 landmines to an Egyptian militant group