Muslim School in UK: No Female Science Teachers Wanted


The left pretends that its multicultural system is more inclusive. It’s not. It adds tiers of discrimination.

Palestinian Arab Honor Killings Increase 100%


It must be Israel’s fault.

Imam Rapes Sister, Forces her to Abort Baby, Blames Job Stress


Then her other brother, also an Imam, raped her.

9 Out of 10 Saudi Men Say Eyeshadow on Women Causes Sexual Assaults


Saudi men blame women for the rising rate of molestation

Saudi Islamic Police Ban Women from Giving Birth Without Male Guardian


If your husband isn’t available, you’re not allowed to give birth. There’s a Fatwa.

Aussie Cops Arrest Muslim Imam for Marrying Off 12-Year-Old Girl


The Muslim cleric had come to Australia on an employment visa

Muslim Tries to Apply for Spousal Benefits for 12-Year-Old Wife… in Australia


They met at a local mosque.

87% of Women in Muslim Bangladesh are Abused


38% experience serious injuries

Muslim Refugee Gropes Women, Blames Cultural Differences, Avoids Jail

Judge Jane Farish

The groper’s name will be kept secret to protect his status in the Muslim community.

65% of Brides in Muslim Yemen are Children


That number rises to 70 per cent in rural areas.