Muslims Try to Stone PETA Members Wearing Vegetable Burqas


The crowd outside the mosque shouted for the PETA activists to be stripped and stoned

ISIS Launches New Push to Put Pants on Goats


Finally Islamic morality has been achieved.

Kerry is Wrong, Selling Girls as Sex Slaves is Islam


“The women of Khaybar were distributed among the Muslims.”

Interfaith Marriage Between Muslim Man and Jewish Woman Ends in Bomb Threat


The man cursed and threatened his pregnant wife.

1/3 of Jordanian Marriages to Underage Girls


The girl, Rahaf Yousef, is 13.

Islamic Sharia Law Orders Woman to Treat Husband as Son


She remained silent because he used to threaten to kill her.

New Prophet of Islam Jimmy Carter Says Mohammed’s Sexism was Wrong

muslim feminism

“I hope all of you will use the principles of Allah to bring peace and justice to all.”

Rape Jihad: Inside ISIS’ Harem for Captured Non-Muslim Women


“She was forced to listen as her daughter detailed being raped by dozens of men.”

UK Police Arrested Parents Trying to Stop Muslims from Raping their Children


A man pulled the hair of a 13-year old and called her a “white bitch”

Egyptian Imam Issues Ladies Room Invasion Fatwa

muslim brotherhood

“Smell her mouth and look at the back of her ankles.”