Hire a Saudi Woman, Get Jailed for 5 Years

Saudi Arabia Tourism

Fake employment also includes employing women in jobs that are not suitable for them

Irish Man Converts to Islam, Beheads Mom over Divorce


“His faith was very important to him and he prayed five times a day.”

Killer Tells NY Court He Wouldn’t Have Killed Wife if “She Was a Muslim Woman”


He killed his wife because he objected to her behavior in their Muslim community.

Maldives President Rejects Law Banning Husbands from Raping Divorced Wives to Infect them with AIDS as “UnIslamic”

marital rape

The clerics said the Quran does not give a wife the authority to deny sex to her husband.

Taliban Commander Told 9-Year-Old Sister Suicide Vest Would Kill Other People, Not Her


My brother told me: “You are here just to die and do your duty.”

Al Qaeda Bans Syrian Women from Sitting in Chairs


Men forbidden from using hair products;

Muslims Fight Sexual Harassment by Telling Women to Wear Hijabs


This is what Muslim feminism looks like.

Devout Muslim Killer of UK Soldier Also Drugged and Raped 14-Year-Old


‘I have looked in his eyes and seen the evil inside him,’

Muslim Abusers Dressed 15-Year-Old Girl in Burka to Hide Broken Nose

muslim feminism

The abuse was known to some Muslims

Muslim Men Beat Wives, Human Rights Groups Blame Israel

muslim feminism

Won’t someone please stop Israel from forcing Muslim men to beat their wives?