Non-Muslim University Chaplains Resign Over Special Treatment for Muslims


“There is no room for negotiation and there will be no more further conversation”

Austrian Ski Burka Ban Denounced as Tourism Apartheid


Austrian women choose to wear black as a sign of mourning

Imam Who Claimed 9/11 Museum Defames Muslims says Jews are a “Cancer”, “Control All the Money”


9/11 Museum would “offend our local Muslim believers”

New York Times Defends Abbas’ Holocaust Denial


Anti-semitism is acceptable to liberals… when the perpetrators are Muslims.

Brandeis Gives Honorary Degree to Critic of Judaism, Refuses to Give One to Critic of Islam


The Council on American-Islamic Relations called Ms. Hirsi Ali as a “notorious Islamophobe.”

Muslim Privilege: Muslims Are the Real Victims of Marathon Massacre

muslim interfaith

The bodies of the latest Muslim atrocity aren’t cold before the media spin artists begin pushing the line that it’s their killers who are the real victims.