Racist Muslim Settlers’ “Day of Rage” Against Jews in Jerusalem Fizzles When They Can’t Handle the Rain

"Yeah, I'm wearing my mother's Hijab. What about it?"

Maybe it’s time Muslims traded up to a deity that can do something about the weather

Racist Muslim Settlers Attack Black Israeli Soldier in Jerusalem


“An African Zionist soldier who came from the jungles of Africa to kill and desecrate our holy places.

“N Word”: Egyptian Paper Warns of “Black Terror Gangs in Cairo”

muslim racism

The Muslim world is roughly a million times more racist than the biggest racists in America

French Muslims Lash Out on Facebook Over Black Interracial Dating


”We’ll make all your sisters pregnant, and tomorrow Arab boys won’t exist any more.”

Detroit Muslims Launch Campaign To Stop Calling Black People Slaves


“Drop the A-Word” is asking Arab-Americans to stop using the slur “abed”

Saudi Arabia Forces Couples to Divorce over “Racial Inferiority”


Custody of the children is usually given to the “racially superior” parent.

Obama’s Fave Islamist Prime Minister Says Liberal Wants to “Raise Himself from the Level of a Black Person to a White Man”

U.S. President Obama shakes hands with Turkey's PM Erdogan after a bilateral meeting in Seoul

Obama named Turkey’s Islamist PM Erdogan one of his five favorite world leaders. Too bad Erdogan doesn’t exactly feel the same way.

“Under the Islamists, Blacks were Exploited Even More”: Ex-Slaves Speak Out About Muslim Rule

muslim slaves

“They told them, ‘We are with the Islamists. We are in power. We are the masters and you are our slaves. We will do what we want.’ ”

Muslim Countries are The Most Racist in the World


While most Western countries surveyed are not racist, most Muslim countries surveyed are very racist.

Genocidal Muslim Country Warns of Genocide if Europe Doesn’t Accept Muslims

Abdullah Gul and Barack Obama

Turkey not only committed genocide against Christians, but it still lies about it and locks up its citizens who even mention the genocide. So that means the time is right for its government to hypocritically warn Europe that the failure to accept Muslim immigrants could lead to another Holocaust.