Duke Reverses Muslim Call to Prayer Decision


Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Students Association behind the effort.

The Buckley Program Stands Up for Free Speech


Ayaan Hirsi Ali triumphs over campus hate groups.

UK Soldier Beheader Credits MSA Imam for Inspiring Him

Khalid Yasin's magnificent beard is the only thing standing between him and raging homosexuality

The Muslim Students Association’s favorite Imam Khalid Yasin

Washington University Bows to Muslim Pressure over Bin Laden Costume


MSA members related how the photo was an emotional trigger for them

Ohio State MSA President Arrested in Egypt

Ohio State MSA Pres with Brotherhood genocidal preacher

Police said the group had plans to spread violence

Islamic Supremacist Nominated as UC Student Regent


An official stamp of approval on a campus crusader for hate and anti-Semitism.

Depictions of 9/11 Now an Islamophobic Hate Crime in New Jersey

time magazine cover islam

The MSA has always argued that its attacks on Israel are political and protected by free speech. So when the MSA depicts Israel as a Nazi state and terrorists as heroes, it is practicing free speech. So why is a picture of the worst Muslim atrocity in American history a bias incident?

Holocaust Speaker Too Controversial for Purdue Calumet?


Did fear of backlash from Muslim students cause the cancelation of a pro-Israel lecturer?

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Jewish Students Who Stand With Israel’s Enemies and Call Them ‘Brothers’


Disturbing alliances on an American campus.

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Muslim Students and the Jihad Against the NYPD


The smear campaign undermining one of the most important anti-terrorism outfits in the country.

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