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Norwegian Court Strikes Down Terror Charges for Founder of Iraqi Al-Qaeda Affiliate

Krekar told the Kurdish magazine Awene that he wants to return to Iraq to fight openly against the Iraqi government and the coalition, but that he lacked travel documents from the Norwegian government. The Norwegian minister of labour and migration, Bjarne Håkon Hanssen, responded that Krekar could leave at any time and that he would be given "travel documents within the day. He'll also get money for airline tickets, taxi cab, and the whole deal."

Two Pakistanis Plotted Christmas Bombing in Times Square

Qazi traveled to New York on November 24 and spent nights sleeping at a mosque, a restaurant and on public transportation -- apparently reflecting his financial situation -- while he allegedly considered what site to attack. The younger Qazi also tried to determine how big the crowds were in Times Square, on Wall Street and at theaters in the city.

Media Covers Up Muslim Bomber's Caliphate Goals

Japan did not bomb Pearl Harbor because they hated us. Nazi Germany did not invade Poland because they hated the Poles. The Soviet Union did not point nuclear missiles at us because they hated us. Muslim terrorists are not trying to kill us because they hate us. They are killing us because they want to conquer us.