What Does an Islamophobe Look like?


If you fear being killed by a Muslim terrorism, you may have come down with Islamophobia.

Illegal Muslim Alien Plotted Drone Bombing, Was Not Deported After Multiple Arrests


He has been charged with making false statements in an immigration-related matter.

15 Muslim Terrorists Killed by Own Bombs in March


Beware the IEDs of March.

Taliban Commander Tries to Saw Through Shell, Blows Up Family

Islam will dominate the world as soon as it figures out how to stop blowing itself up

Beware the IEDs of March.

Qatar Royal Family “Tricked” into Giving Money to Al Qaeda

Shocked, shocked

A member of the Qatari royal family tipped off Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

Ex-Wife’s Response to Wichita Bomber’s Conversion to Islam: “What is Wrong With Him?”


“He’s dead in my books,” she said. “He can rot in hell for all I care.”

Freed Gitmo Terrorist Arrested in Israel Plotting Bio Weapons Attack


Why do we keep releasing “innocent” Gitmo terrorists?

Uncle Claims Muslim Terrorist Who Attacked Israeli Base was Just “Lost”


An open Koran was found in the driver’s cabin,

De Blasio Meets with Anti-Israel Muslim Leaders, Promises Open Season for Synagogue Bombings

DeBlasio with Linda "Zionism is Racism" Sarsour

Good news for terrorists. New York City is about to be on De Blasio time.

“I Want a Man to Touch Me, Not a Woman,” Muslim Train Bomber Yells in Court


“You are not my wife,” barked Mr. Esseghaier, clad in an orange prison jumpsuit and with a bushy black beard.