No Country for Hipster Jihadis


CNN described this new Khattab as a “moderate”.

NYC Muslim Plotter: “Look in the Eyes when Talking to Whites. If You Want to Kill Them, You Need Allah’s Help”


“They will die, They will die, They are weak people you know.”

New Pressure Cooker Bomber Went from “In League with Satan” to Muslim Convert


Islam is becoming the new Satanism for losers.

Syrian Rebels Get Bored with Syria, Plot to Kill All the Buddhists in Burma

Muslims would beg to differ

“I decree that every person who can get to a Buddhist should kill him because they are killing our people and the Muslims cannot be blamed for their reaction,” Sheikh Bilal al-Masri said.

Muslim Terrorists Attempted to Kidnap 8-Year-Old Girl as Hostage


Four young men, their heads covered with hats and scarves, got out of the car and signaled to Yael to open her car door. When she refused, they began smashing the car windows with metal rods. Shards of broken glass fell on Chen, who had been sleeping.

Muslim Terrorist Who Detonated Bomb on Pan Am Flight 830 Freed from Prison

Mohammed Rashed

“To tell you the truth, I never figured he’d be released,” Hawk said. “I just figured he’d be in prison the rest of his life, and that was it.”

Israeli Prisons Boast Petting Zoos, Meditation Rooms and Art Lessons


At Neve Tirza, Israel’s only prison for women, the MSNBC presenters say they were surprised to find a petting zoo, and a meditation room with fish tanks. Inmates are shown taking dance and art lessons, and even nursing their infant babies in the prison’s fully equipped ward for new mothers.

Palestine is Genocide


To promote the creation of a Palestinian state is a violent act.

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Muslim Infidels


Why Islamists terrorize non-violent Muslims.

Paying Tribute to Terror


Why the United States cannot buy off the Islamic fanatics of the Taliban.