Western European Muslims’ Jihad Against the Jews


A new study reveals the dark truth about the source of Jew-hatred in the Old World.

The Failed Tactic of Flattering Islam Won’t Go Away


Why admiring the Muslim world won’t stop the bloodshed.

Jihad on the Offensive

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Leading experts on Islam discuss the “Religion of Peace’s” war on the West at the West Coast Retreat.

Remembering a Racist, Black Muslim Murder Spree


Nation of Islam offshoot targeted San Francisco whites.

The ISIS Beheader Is the Victim


Won’t you feel sorry for Jihadi John?

Obama U.S. Attorney: Anti-Muslim Backlash More Dangerous Than ISIS


One of the nation’s top law enforcement officers reveals his frightening mindset.

A Revisionist Muslim History of America


America’s original Muslims were Christians.

Rotherham Victim: We Were ‘Sacrificed’ by British Left


How child rape gangs were allowed to flourish to protect the leftist political establishment.

Terrorism Supporters Exploit Chapel Hill Killings


Supporters of actual terrorism claim a parking space argument was terrorism.

Christians Under Islam Suffer For Western ‘Sins’


How secularists in the West are making Christian persecution worse.