Female Israeli Sharpshooter Killed Two Egyptian Muslim Terrorists


“One of the terrorists blew up right before our eyes, and parts of him were flying in every direction, then, after the shots started, I began to understand what was happening, where we were and from where the terrorists where shooting at us.”

“Convert to Islam or I’ll Kill You” = Suspended Sentence


Chail told Mohammed Malik that he wanted his ‘white Christian’ partner to convert to Islam, but that she ‘wouldn’t listen’, before showing the alarmed bus passenger a Stanley knife and making cutting motions across his throat.

Egypt’s 9/11 Remembrace


Obama administration silent on Islamic rage — but condemns those who offended the rioting Muslims.

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Muslim Axe-Murderer Freed After Killing Armenian Officer


Criminal receives hero’s welcome in native Azerbaijan.

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Sexual Harassment Now Okay for UK Muslims


it’s now okay to sexually harass female colleagues… so long as you’re a Muslim.

Muslims Attack 6-Year-Old Jewish Girl and Father


A 53-year-old Jewish man and his six-year-old daughter have become victims of an anti-Semitic attack in downtown Berlin which was reportedly committed by four youth of Arab origin. The man had to be brought to hospital with wounds at his head.

68 Percent of Berlin’s Criminals are Immigrants


And it’s not just Germany that’s reeling under the assault of Turkish Muslim immigration. In the UK, Turks have become the new mafia.

Muslim Congressman Supports Madrassas


The mask slips from yet another “moderate” American Muslim.

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A Lawsuit Only Jihadists Could Love


N.J. Muslims sue NYPD to stop routine counterterror efforts.

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France Once Again a Hell for Jews


Homegrown European anti-Semitism returns with a vengeance.

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