The Return of Al Qaeda and Jihad


What the terrorist group’s leaders think Morsi’s ouster indicates.

Buddhist Extremism?


The New York Times takes Muslim favoritism to an absurd new level.

Christian Tragedy in the Muslim World


Raymond Ibrahim’s invaluable exposé on the new “Great Persecution” of Christians.

Muslim Self-Esteem… or the Stars


We can go to the moon or we can make Muslims feel good.

The Rise of European Islamo-Fascist Police


The Muslim Gestapo patrols the streets … in the West.

Hoping Against Hope for Equality in Egypt


Christians help win the battle of the People’s Revolution — but the struggle is far from over.

The Eclipse of the British Empire


Just how dark is the horizon for a once great nation?

Shias: The Arab Spring’s Latest Victims


The blood-stained price of a Sunni supremacist takeover.

“Islamic Science” or Islamic Propaganda?


A traveling misinformation exhibit and its ties to Wahhabist Saudi Arabia.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: The Spring Offensive

Mideast Egypt

Why is the Obama administration worrying about the “human rights” of jihadis responsible for killing the most Christians?