Soros Donates $1 Mil to NAACP to Promote Voter Fraud


Soros cares about voting rights the way sharks care about the feelings of tuna. Soros doesn’t have much in common with the NAACP but is using it as a tool to promote his real agenda.

How Much Does it Cost for the NAACP to Cry “Racism”?

racist soda

In a racially divisive society, every argument comes down to racism.

South Carolina Wins Voter ID Battle with Holder, NAACP, Asks for $3.5 Million


The civil rights organizations tried to persuade the court to not award costs against them because “their participation should be encouraged and because they cannot afford to pay.”

NAACP Continues War Against Tests and Education


The NAACP’s data shows that American Indians had a 15.7 percent acceptance rate. Asian-Americans had a 35 percent acceptance rate, ahead of whites at only 30.6 percent. Latinos had a 6 percent acceptance rate and blacks had a 5 percent rate. If this test is truly racist, then why does it favor Asians over whites?

NAACP Asks UN for Murderer Voting Rights


Charging that millions of citizens have been denied the right to vote because of felony convictions, the NAACP called on the UN to investigate America’s “racially discriminatory election laws.”

Romney’s Stand and the Left’s Destruction of the Black Community


When will African Americans realize that the NAACP and progressives have been leading them off a cliff?

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Former NAACP Leader Takes On the Race Hustlers


C.L. Bryant denounces Sharpton and Jackson for exploiting the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

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The Real Reason the NAACP Went to the UN


Manufacturing absurd crises to keep the funding flowing.

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Truthful Girl Sinks Deeper


Jumanah Imad Albahri smears David Horowitz for pointing to the real causes of violence afflicting the black community.

Communist 9/11 Truther Van Jones Returns From The Political Dead

Race-baiting, America-hating, cop killer-loving, self-described communist revolutionary Van Jones is trying to make a comeback.
Jones has taken a position at the Center for American Progress, plans to teach at Princeton, and is going to receive an award from the far-left NAACP, which has flirted with many other communists in the past. NAACP president Benjamin Jealous describes [...]