Pelosi to Name Muslim Brotherhood-linked Congressman to House Intel Committee

André Carson

It could be worse; it could have been Keith Ellison.

Pelosi: Qatar Says Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization

assad pelosi

This doesn’t even look like it contains a coherent and consistent train of thought.

Nancy Pelosi Heads to Border to Find More Illegal Alien Workers for Vineyard


The grapes don’t pick themselves.

Nancy Pelosi Warns Archbishop Not to Attend Pro-Marriage Rally


“We share our love of the Catholic faith and our city of San Francisco,” Pelosi wrote.

Hillary Stacks the Benghazi Select Committee


The Democratic establishment isn’t out to find the truth. It’s out to protect Hillary.

Hillary Clinton Already in Control of Democratic Members of Benghazi Panel

hillary clinton what difference does it make

“Clinton emissaries launched a back channel campaign”

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi Use United States Capitol to Screen Anti-GOP Attack Ad


This is tacky even by the standards of the modern Democratic Party

Just Win, Baby


The myth of civility in American politics.

Pelosi: Illegal Alien Amnesty More Important Than Winning the Election


Pelosi said she “desperately” wants to pass new immigration laws

Dalai Lama to Pelosi: “Nancy, We Must Rid You of Your Negative Energy.”


Good luck with that.