Obama Confuses Soviet Moon Lander with US Moon Landing


Obama confused NASA with the Russian space program, which our astronauts are now beholden to.

Obama’s NASA Spent $390K on Cartoon “Green Ninja” to Fight “Coal Man”

green ninja

The Green Ninja was created to motivate “kids to take action on climate change.

Muslim Self-Esteem… or the Stars


We can go to the moon or we can make Muslims feel good.

The Eagle has Landed


Forty-four years ago, a nation that we now know was racist, didn’t care about the environment and drank too much soda, landed on the moon.

Democrats Want a National Park on the Moon… that the Obama Administration Decided Not to Return To


If the Democrats had to have a national park in some completely inaccessible place that ties into their history, it was a close race between the moon and hell.

Obama’s “Muslim Self-Esteem” NASA in Complete Disarray


“There are no sense of priorities and no guidance for resource allocation, both of which would be essential to anything that would be called a strategy.”

Obama Kills Next Mars Rover, Russia to Take It Over

A small step for one man.

Aid to Muslim Brotherhood run Egypt was 1.5 billion or 5x times the amount of money that would have made up for the Mars shortfall. Aid to the Muslim Brotherhood alone would have covered the entire cost of the Mars mission.

Muslim Rapper Claims Israeli Occupation Prevents Palestinians From Going to the Moon


“Of course we want to go to the moon, but we cannot do it with the occupation. And who’s responsible for the occupation as well? America, the USA.”

NASA and Other Space Cadets who ‘Didn’t Build That’ — on The Brewster Gang


Eric Allen Bell, Dwight Schultz and Susan Olsen confront the truth about Islamic totalitarianism — and why the Left doesn’t care.

Building America’s ‘Space Fence’


An overlooked problem in the earth’s orbit may have big consequences if left unchecked.

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