Fighting Jumanah: Thou Shalt Never Be a Bystander

On Holocaust Memorial Day, January 28, 1998, the keynote speech at the Bundestag in Germany was given by Yehuda Bauer, former Director of the Center for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vasham and Professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He closed his discourse with this admonition:
“You…shall never become perpetrators. You..shall never allow yourselves to become [...]

Patriotism on the Rise

One of the best conservative commentators in Europe, Theodore Dalrymple, wrote a great article for Pajamas Media about the crisis in Europe and especially Germany’s reaction to it. As usual with Dalrymple, the article provocatively entitled “Reawakening German Nationalism: What Could Go Wrong,” is sarcastically written, funny, direct and, most importantly, largely correct.
Dalrymple’s main point is [...]

Limbaugh vs. Avlon on Hoping Obama Fails…Again

So much for objectivity.  Daily Beast columnist John Avlon recently took yet another shot at Rush Limbaugh for his infamous wish for Barack Obama: “I hope he fails.” In his usual defiant style, El Rushbo took it as a compliment, spurring an outraged lecture on patriotism from Avlon:
When a news organization asked a group of [...]