The Real Debt Ceiling


The credit of the United States hangs by a thread.

Plot Thickens in Saudi National Case


Why can’t the Obama administration keep its story straight?

America’s Last Chance


The country is approaching the point of no return on runaway government spending.

Troops to the Border


Has Eric Holder finally read the Arizona Immigration Law?

Herbert Daughtry

Herbert Daughtry

  Called the “People’s Pastor” for his long activist career, Herbert Daughtry in 1953 was convicted of armed robbery and assault charges. In prison, he had a religious conversion to Pentecostalism which led him to become a pastor in Brooklyn, New York. In 1980 Daughtry helped establish the National Black United Front, which helped organize the national campaign for reparations and has worked alongside the […]

Anti-Semitic Symbiosis


The Nazis’ dream ended in a Berlin bunker in 1945, but the Muslim Brotherhood dream never died.

The China Dream


Beijing’s rise can no longer be ignored.

Faith in Open Borders


The religious Left prays for amnesty and a borderless America.

America’s True Heroes


The non-Muslim women who went undercover inside the Muslim Brotherhood.

Guess Who’s Coming to the Cathedral?


How American Churches contribute to the surrender to Sharia.