RNC Chairman Warns NBC and CNN that Hillarypalooza Will Have Consequences


Chairman Priebus will seek a binding vote of the RNC to prevent the committee from partnering with these networks in 2016 primary debates

NBC to Air Hillary Backer’s 4-Hour “Hillary” Miniseries


He sounds very much like a devoted Democrat with a certain Illinois-bred New York senator in mind.

Late Night Goes All-Liberal


Leno out. Seth Meyers in.

Leno Fights Back


Old school comedy vs. new school incompetence.

Roseanne Barr Gets Another Shot


Being a liberal hack means never having to say you’re sorry.

Current TV Bought By Al Jazeera


What if the Nazis had bought NBC?

Media Dishonesty and Race Hustlers


The left stacks up piles of combustible racial kindling for racial arsonists to set ablaze.

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Left Complains NBC’s Olympic Coverage Too Patriotic – Bucks Right

The New York Times’ Alessandra Stanley is upset that NBC is focusing too much of its coverage of the 2010 Olympics on American athletes and seems to be (gasp) cheering for the Americans to do well and happy when they win events. Technology evolves, organizers add new sports — this year it’s ski cross — […]