Nation’s Largest Teachers’ Union Funds Ads Accusing 2nd Amendment Supporters of Being Pedophiles


The NEA is really staying classy in the Colorado recall battles

United States Government Now an Actual Subsidiary of Teachers Unions


The National Education Association is the largest labor union in the United States. It donated 18 million dollars last year to political candidates. And now Obama’s SuperPAC is operating out of its headquarters.

California’s Reversal on Welfare Pleases Recipients and Worries Experts –

California’s Zigzag on Welfare Rules Worries Experts
Published: October 6, 2009
FRESNO, Calif. — As he pressed state lawmakers over the summer to close a record budget deficit, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger lathered scorn on the state’s welfare-to-work program. He called it too lenient on the work requirement and overly generous in its benefits. At one […]