Fake Mandela Interpreter also a Rapist, Murderer and Really Well Connected


It’s unclear if he ever spent time in jail.

The Obama-Castro Handshake: A Confirmation


Obama plays nice with the jailer of the longest-suffering black political prisoners in history.

Fake Mandela Interpreter Also Gets Violent and Hallucinates a Lot


“Sometimes I get violent on that place. Sometimes I will see things chasing me,”

Crime-Ridden South Africa: Tutu’s House Robbed During Mandela Memorial


“You must show the world that we are disciplined.”

Nelson Mandela’s Iraq Oil Holocaust Flashback


“Certain countries that believe in white supremacy, are ignoring the United Nations”

Obama Wins Award for Most Selfish “Selfie”


My photo at that Apartheid dude’s funeral where I gave a speech and everyone applauded.

Nelson Mandela in 4 Photos


Any questions?

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013


The mess he left behind.

Are You Ready for a Touching Movie about a Communist and his Wife Who Murdered a 14-Year-Old Boy?


Get ready for Winnie Mandela, a cliched love story, produced by T.D. Jakes, one of Obama’s clergy backers, and Ellen Wander, the producer of Beautiful Lies, about one of the more evil women in South Africa.

The Idolatry of Nelson Mandela


“Nelson Mandela is a life-long Communist. He even cobbled together a little book called “How To Be A Good Communist”.