Obama’s Visit to Hell

Focus Surrounds The Hospital Where Nelson Mandela's Condition Is Said To Be Critical

What South Africa’s “George Washington” really accomplished.

South Africa’s Hell on Earth


Radical monsters cheered on by the international elite create a living nightmare for blacks and women.

Nelson Mandela Proven to be Senior Member of South African Communist Party


In news that should come as a surprise to no one, except the people who really believed the denials, Nelson Mandella really was a Communist and his movement was a Communist campaign. But look on the bright side, maybe 40 years from now there will be a mainstream accepted book that will show Barack Obama really was a Marxist and President Saddam Hussein Osama, the future 49th President of the United States really did deliberately detonate nuclear weapons in every major American city.

Murder in Cuba


A black civil rights activist is killed by the Castro regime, but where is the international community’s outrage?

AFP: Obama defends war at Nobel Peace Prize ceremony

US President Barack Obama on Thursday accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, uncomfortably acknowledging his role as a leader at war while insisting that conflict can be morally justified.Obama’s elevation to a pantheon of winners alongside the likes of Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King before he has even spent a year in office […]