Restoring Israel’s Rights: The Levy Report


A new campaign kicks off to promote the Jewish State’s legal claim to Judea and Samaria.

Netanyahu Responds to Abbas’s Praise of Hitler’s Mufti


What does it mean when Israel’s “peace partner” honors a collaborator in the Final Solution?

America and the Good Psychopaths

Basij boys-thumb-470x352-3138

How the desire to appease, rather than confront, leads to the romanticization of evil men.

Netanyahu at UN: Stop Iran —- or We Will


Substituting reality for “charm.”

“One of the Worst Statements by an American President in History”; Israeli Cabinet Members Blast Obama’s UN Speech

obama netanyahu

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon called upon Netanyahu to resist pressure from Obama

Israel Sobered By Syria Debacle


Netanyahu: We can only rely on ourselves.

Israel’s Sacrifices of Peace Must End


Peace cannot be achieved through human sacrifice.

The Letter Netanyahu Should Send to the EU


Some necessary preconditions for relinquishing the “occupied territories” to the Arab Palestinians.

Iranian Nukes on the Horizon


Obama’s weakness and its potentially apocalyptic consequences.

Misrepresenting American Jewry


Do mainstream Jewish organizations represent the interests of the Jewish community or Obama?