Israel’s New Justice Minister to Clamp Down on New Israel Fund & Radical Left


There’s a new sheriff in Jerusalem.

UJA-Federation & Jewish Communal Fund Support Anti-Zionist New Israel Fund


Supporting destruction of Israel — while leading Jewish organizations.

BDS & Lawfare Is Pro-Israel Only to American Jewish Leaders

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The British Jewish community shows U.S. Jews what path to take.

New Israel Fund Is No Friend of Israel


Time to take boycotting of Israel completely outside the realm of acceptability.

Alisa Doctoroff, Sears Heirs and Other American Jews Harming Israel


Supporting the demise of the Jewish State.

State Department Funds Anti-Israel Extremists


Destructive meddling in Israeli democracy.

Former Clinton PR Advisor, Conservative PR Leader Condemn New Israel Fund


Calling all supporters of Israel — no matter their politics — to walk away from the anti-Israel NIF.

Anti-Israel BDS Jobs Available In Chicago & Los Angeles


A lucrative career awaits in the Israel hatred industry.

Anti-Israel Groups to March In Israel Day Parade


Scandalous donations by parade organizers exposed.

Supporting Terrorists’ Families


Israel’s NGO fifth column.