Israel’s Bright Future


How the Jewish State has matured into a resourceful developed nation.

The Gifts of Jahi


A tragic lesson in the horrific union of the Nanny State and Big Medicine.

A New Year and Old Problems


Facing our historic crossroads.

2014: A Bad Year for the Left?


If you thought 2013 was awful for leftists, just wait till the new year.

Positive News for Israel in the New Year


The top factors inspiring optimism.

New Year, Same Struggle Against Tyranny

happy new year images 2013

Let us resolve that 2013 won’t be the year the enemy won.

Predictions for 2012


Time to be bullish on GOP prospects?

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Random Thoughts for the New Year


Untangling the twisted logic behind the Left’s war on America.

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Russian Dissident’s Passion Endures Despite Tests –

MOSCOW — You almost feel sorry for the police officer tasked with detaining Lyudmila M. Alexeyeva as she led an unsanctioned protest on New Year’s Eve. It is not just that at 82 years of age she appears as fragile as a porcelain teacup, or that she was dressed as a Snow Maiden, complete with […]

Criminality as a Career Path – by Rita Karlsen


In order to qualify for welfare and a pension in Norway, foreign criminals have to commit serious crimes.