Global Warming Is Snowed Out

December 10, 2013 Snowstorm

The snow beat the snow-deniers.

Obama & de Blasio —- Now Is the Time to Lead


Key leaders missing in action — and putting citizens’ lives in jeopardy.

De Blasio Is a Lesson New Yorkers Need to Learn


The price of living in a leftist city is a Republican mayor.

New York City Schools Expecting Flood of Illegal Aliens in Coming Years


What’s another $50 million?

De Blasio to Fix Broken New York Schools by Putting Solar Panels on Roofs


Rats and squirrels noisily scamper in the walls and ceiling.

9/11 Commission Member Warns NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Undermining Counterterrorism


“A classic case of taking your eye off the ball at the worst possible time.”

Support Heroic Police Officers


New York City returns to the bad old days.

Crime Silently Increasing in New York City

Police community relations roundtable at New York City Hall

How politicians’ police-bashing empowers criminals.

Hey, Bloomberg: Mind Your Own Crumbling City


The real reason the former NYC mayor lashed out at “rural” Colorado.

Unions Swell New York Budget to $75 Billion


“We feel great about this budget and our commitment to fiscal prudence,” Mr. de Blasio said.