Rejecting the Boycotters at the Celebrate Israel Parade


Closing the communal tent to the promoters of Jew-hatred.

50% Taxes When Alive, 50% Taxes When You Die


New York: the “Must-Leave State.”

I was Right, Paul Krugman was Wrong, Citi Bike is a Disaster

Strong Winter Storm Bears Down On Northeastern US

Citi Bike needs tens of millions of dollars

Muslims: Halal Lunches in School are a Constitutional Right


“I feel that serving halal food in school is our constitutional right.”

De Blasio’s War on Minority Education


The Democratic political machine versus the students.

DeBlasio Ally’s “ID for Illegals” Bill May Help Illegal Aliens Vote


Bill de Blasio promised municipal ID’s for illegal aliens.

An 1887 Science Fiction Novel Predicted DeBlasio and Bloomberg’s New York


The Officer of Hygiene prescribes the kind of food he thinks you require

Al Roker Delivers Bill de Blasio’s Forecast: One Term


A visibly shaken Mayor de Blasio grew red-faced

New York Marxist Mayor’s Lesbian Wife Claims Pre-K is the “Defining Civil Rights Issue of our Day”


So we solved all the big stuff. All the civil rights people can retire.

De Blasio Frees Backer Arrested for Driving with Suspended License

Bishop Orlando Findlayter

“He just confirmed that it really is a ‘tale of two cities,’ ” referring to de Blasio’s mantra.