David Carr, Charles C. Johnson and Moral Superiority


Carr described being a working reporter who smoked crack, beat women and sold drugs.

The New York Times Hits Rock Bottom with Max Blumenthal


Too extreme for German leftists — just right for the Gray Lady.

Netanyahu Proven Right by Muslim Brotherhood’s PR Agency


The greatest media enemies of Israel exposed.

Max Blumenthal: Too Extreme for German Commies, Just Right for the New York Times


The New York Times really has no standards.

NY Times: We’re Losing So Let’s Cancel the Midterm Elections

Comrades, your proposal intrigues me

Can’t we just appoint politicians for life?

NY Times Triples-Down as Communist Mouthpiece


History repeats itself.

Want to Go to Iran w/the New York Times? Don’t Be Jewish or Gay


And it only costs $7,000.

New York Times: Protect Pedophiles as Disabled Americans

This guy's paper just ran an op-ed for pedophiles for some reason

“The extension of civil rights protections to people with pedophilia must be weighed”

New York Times Fires 7.5% of Newsroom Because No One Reads Their Editorials


Nobody cares what the New York Times thinks

Embracing the Obvious Truth


Why courageous truth-tellers like actor Jon Voight are vital to Israel’s cause against Hamas.