‘Offensive Art’ and Double Standards at the NY Times


Remembering the Gray Lady’s take on “hateful” art of the past.

A Revisionist Muslim History of America


America’s original Muslims were Christians.

New York Times Claims Hillary “Embelished” Lie About Being Under Fire in Bosnia

Not sniper fire

It’s not a lie if you believe it.

New York Times Now Shilling for Paying Ransom to Al Qaeda


The official paper of treason never rests.

David Carr, Charles C. Johnson and Moral Superiority


Carr described being a working reporter who smoked crack, beat women and sold drugs.

The New York Times Hits Rock Bottom with Max Blumenthal


Too extreme for German leftists — just right for the Gray Lady.

Netanyahu Proven Right by Muslim Brotherhood’s PR Agency


The greatest media enemies of Israel exposed.

Max Blumenthal: Too Extreme for German Commies, Just Right for the New York Times


The New York Times really has no standards.

NY Times: We’re Losing So Let’s Cancel the Midterm Elections

Comrades, your proposal intrigues me

Can’t we just appoint politicians for life?

NY Times Triples-Down as Communist Mouthpiece


History repeats itself.