Cuomo, New York Dems Trade Corruption Charges


Chicago politics may be worse than New York, but it’s often a close race.

Bill de Blasio: “I Believe in the Heavy Hand of Government”

de blasio

At least Comrade Bill was being honest.

Strand Books, the Homeless and the Left


So much for a place where bearded Marxists once used to browse for radical tomes.

Detroit to Make History by Electing White Mayor

Rep. Conyers told voters that he supports the sheriff “because he is one of us.”

Bill de Blasio’s Communist Pals

NYC Leaders Hold Press Conf. Urging New Iranian President To Carry Out Reforms

Who will train New York’s finest — Sandinistas or former Stasi?

It’s DeBlasio Time

The muggers are coming back. The crazy people stabbing you on the subway are coming back

Appeals Court Boots Liberal Activist Judge from NYPD Case, Blocks Stop and Frisk Ban


Bill de Blasio said he was “extremely disappointed” by the ruling.

Biden Niece to Cops: “You Don’t Know Who You’re Doing This To”


“I shouldn’t be handcuffed!” Caroline Biden barked at police

Enforced Diversity in New York Fire Department Leads to Disastrous Results


The first court-ordered class of FDNY trainees — the oldest and most diverse — is flaming out.

When Fighting Liberal Messiahs, Hit Hard or Go Home

deblasio time2

Milquetoasts do not win elections