Video: Raymond Ibrahim on Islam, Dictators, and Christian Persecution


The Freedom Center’s Shillman Fellow appears on New Zealand’s “Shine TV.”

Muslim Refugee Gropes Women, Blames Cultural Differences, Avoids Jail

Judge Jane Farish

The groper’s name will be kept secret to protect his status in the Muslim community.

Doing the Research the NY Times Won’t Do


When it comes to the truth about guns and violence prevention, bad journalism can be deadly.

The “1 Percent” Exodus


Record numbers of wealthy Americans are leaving the country permanently — but why?

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Mark Steyn: Obama is talking the talk – Washington Times

The world turns. In Indonesia, the principal of a Muslim boarding school in Tangerang who is accused of impregnating a 15-year-old student says the DNA test will prove that a malevolent genie is the real father. In New Zealand, a German tourist, Hans Kurt Kubus, has been jailed for attempting to board a plane at […]