California Tax Commission Releases Ground-Breaking Plan –

A California Quake
A tax commission releases a ground-breaking plan.
No state’s economy, with the exception of Michigan, has careened into a deeper ditch than California in this recession. The state now has the fourth-highest unemployment rate (12.2%), the third-highest rate of mortgage foreclosures, and for two years has had the biggest […]

Define ‘Waste, Fraud, and Abuse,’ Mr. President-Weekly Standard

Define ‘Waste, Fraud, and Abuse,’ Mr. President
It would be helpful to know which programs would be cut under Obamacare.
by Stanley Goldfarb
09/30/2009 12:00:00 AM
The president vows to pay for health care reform in large part by rooting out WFA (waste, fraud, and abuse) in Medicare and then in the rest of the health care system. […]

New FCC Chairman Targets internet-American Thinker

September 30, 2009
New FCC Chairman Targets internet
By James G. Lakely
New Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski could have used a few more dollops of genuine humility in his Monday speech advocating enforceable “network neutrality” rules for the Internet. Despite declaring “we cannot know what tomorrow holds on the Internet,” he showed he intends to lead […]

Success No Matter What by John Stossel

September 30, 2009
Success No Matter What
By John Stossel
This Friday, September’s job-loss total will be announced. Whatever the numbers, administration officials surely will tell us that life is better — because of them. “We brought the global economy back from the brink,” President Obama said at the close of the G-20 meeting last week. “(B)ecause of […]

US: No ’snap judgement’ this week on Iran nukes

Sep 29, 8:09 PM EDT
US: No `snap judgment’ this week on Iran nukes
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration, while skeptical of an early breakthrough in nuclear talks with Iran, indicated Tuesday it does not intend to swiftly press for stiffer economic sanctions.
In advance of six-nation talks with Iran on Thursday in […]

Iran built nuclear site shielded from air attack-AP

Sep 29, 6:26 PM EDT
Iran built nuclear site shielded from air attack
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — In an unusually frank disclosure, Iran’s nuclear chief said Tuesday the country’s new uranium enrichment site was built for maximum protection from aerial attack: carved into a mountain and near a military compound of […]

UN-Inspired By Jacob Laksin

obama united nations-1

UN-InspiredBy: Jacob Laksin | Thursday, September 24, 2009 “I am not naïve,” President Obama insisted yesterday, as he delivered his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly. And, indeed, some components of his remarks – including his call for sterner action to halt Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs – were reasonable enough. But nothing more corroded the […]

Collaborators in the War Against the Jews: Norman Finkelstein By John Perazzo


Collaborators in the War Against the Jews: Norman FinkelsteinBy: John Perazzo | Thursday, September 24, 2009 Norman Finkelstein’s luck was to be born (in 1953) to parents who had survived the Holocaust. With audacious perversity, Finkelstein has drawn upon this birthright in legitimating the anti-Semitism that he has perfected into something like a nightclub routine […]

Obama’s U.N. Speech and Israel By Joseph Klein

obama united nations

Obama’s U.N. Speech and IsraelBy: Joseph Klein | Thursday, September 24, 2009 President Obama delivered his long-awaited speech to the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, Wednesday, September 23rd.  The address was entitled “Responsibility for our Common Future”. He claimed major accomplishments in fighting al-Qaeda, dealing with climate change, working for peace in the Middle East, moving […]

A Bomb in Every Issue By Jamie Glazov


A Bomb in Every IssueBy: Jamie Glazov | Thursday, September 24, 2009 Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Peter Richardson, the editorial director at PoliPointPress, lecturer in the humanities department at San Francisco State University, chair of the California Studies Association, and author of American Prophet: The Life and Work of Carey McWilliams (University of Michigan, 2005). His new book is A Bomb in […]