Ahmadinejad’s Lust for Blood

Glenn Beck did a superb job on his program last night discussing the horrifying belief system that shapes Ahmadinejad’s lust for wiping Israel off the face of the earth.
Beck refers to the Iranian despot as “the Twelver” because Ahmadinejad believes that he must purify the earth with as much human blood (and preferably of the [...]

The President Loses His Voice—Again

Last June, when the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards set upon pro-democracy demonstrators who were protesting the theft of that country’s presidential election by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a brutal crackdown, the world’s leaders were quick to express their condemnation.
Soon after the release of the first video footage of the carnage, presidents and [...]

Media Matters Freaks Out Over Coverage of White House Advisor’s ACORN Ties

For amusement sometimes I read the Media Matters for America website.
If Media Matters, the left-wing character assassination factory with strong ties to liberal uber-funder George Soros, is denouncing something, chances are it’s something that ought not be denounced.
Take for example Media Matters’s apoplexy over the richly deserved pounding the radical activist group and crime syndicate ACORN [...]

From the Pen of David Horowitz: September 30, 2009

This is not to say, of course, that McCarthy’s response to Communism was not destructive.  In his hands, the struggle against this fifth column was perverted first into a weapon aimed at the Democrats and ultimately into a scattergun aimed at his own party, at America, and finally at himself. His reckless demagoguery did damage [...]

California Tax Commission Releases Ground-Breaking Plan – WSJ.com

A California Quake
A tax commission releases a ground-breaking plan.
No state’s economy, with the exception of Michigan, has careened into a deeper ditch than California in this recession. The state now has the fourth-highest unemployment rate (12.2%), the third-highest rate of mortgage foreclosures, and for two years has had the biggest [...]

Define ‘Waste, Fraud, and Abuse,’ Mr. President-Weekly Standard

Define ‘Waste, Fraud, and Abuse,’ Mr. President
It would be helpful to know which programs would be cut under Obamacare.
by Stanley Goldfarb
09/30/2009 12:00:00 AM
The president vows to pay for health care reform in large part by rooting out WFA (waste, fraud, and abuse) in Medicare and then in the rest of the health care system. [...]

New FCC Chairman Targets internet-American Thinker

September 30, 2009
New FCC Chairman Targets internet
By James G. Lakely
New Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski could have used a few more dollops of genuine humility in his Monday speech advocating enforceable “network neutrality” rules for the Internet. Despite declaring “we cannot know what tomorrow holds on the Internet,” he showed he intends to lead [...]

Success No Matter What by John Stossel

September 30, 2009
Success No Matter What
By John Stossel
This Friday, September’s job-loss total will be announced. Whatever the numbers, administration officials surely will tell us that life is better — because of them. “We brought the global economy back from the brink,” President Obama said at the close of the G-20 meeting last week. “(B)ecause of [...]

Anatomy of a Straw Man: Liberal Doublespeak on Afghanistan

Turn on any cable news channel discussion of Afghanistan right now and you will hear three words from the liberal spokesman, whether it’s a politician, Democratic party strategist or consultant, or pundit.
“Afghanistan isn’t Iraq.”
Well, yeah…  But these words aren’t just a statement of the geographically obvious.  This is the retort when the discussion turns to [...]

The Sins of Joe McCarthy

Several commenters on David Horowitz’s previous “Whose Conspiracy?” post have questioned the article’s remarks about the legacy of Senator Joseph McCarthy. They wanted to know what exactly McCarthy did wrong.
From Horowitz’s review of Ann Coulter’s Treason:
It is a shame that Coulter mars her case with claims that cannot be sustained. In making McCarthy the center [...]