Fort Hood Victims Get Purple Hearts At Last


Why there’s still no closure for survivors of “workplace violence” at Fort Hood.

Fort Hood Jihad Victims Won’t Be Getting Purple Hearts As Long as Obama is in Office


We’re at war. And that’s something leftists have desperately tried to cover up.

Five Years Since the Fort Hood Massacre

Nidal Hasan

Half a decade of denial from the Obama administration.

It’s Time to Kick ISIS Members Out of America


It’s useless to bomb ISIS fighters in Iraq, if we let them into America.

Fort Hood Killer Applies to Join ISIS, Desperately Trying to Remind Obama He’s a Terrorist


The soldiers wounded by Nidal Hassan still don’t have their medals

Prison to Fort Hood Jihadist: “You’re a Grown Man. Act Like it.”


“Being given instructions to make your bed is nowhere near a threat.”

Fort Hood Ignored Nidal Hassan, Now Warns of Tea Party Terror Threat

All-American-Muslim-Publicity-Image -blazingcatfur

Soldiers were told evangelical Christians and Tea Party members were a threat to the nation

Nidal Hasan in Military Lecture: “There’s a Lot of Virgins. That’s All I Can Say.” (VIDEO)


“We always talk about God and country, but here we’re talking, we’re really talking about God versus country,” Hasan said.

The Battle Over the Fort Hood Jihadist’s Beard Begins Again


According to army regulations, prisoners who resist grooming may be tied to a restraint chair and then shaved.

The FBI and the Muslim Brotherhood


Robert Mueller’s dance with the Islamists.