Airport Security & Double Standards


At LAX, some head coverings are more equal than others.

Philadelphia’s Burqa Crisis


The more full-body coverings around, the more likely they will facilitate criminal activity.

Muslim in Niqab Carries Out Acid Attack on Victoria’s Secret Employee

Italy niqab

Washington D.C. is talking about banning ski masks to fight masked crime. It might be time to ban the Burka and the Niqab and any Muslim clothing that closes off the face for the same reason.

A Thumbs-Up for Gender Apartheid in Sweden


Swedish authorities decide that the dehumanization of schoolgirls in class is totally fine.

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Norwegian Schools Preach the Wonders of Niqab


A mysterious stealth Islamist emerges on the scene to promote keeping women out of sight and mind.

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Canada’s Ringing ‘No’ to the Niqab


Our northern neighbor bans Muslim women from wearing face coverings at citizenship ceremonies.

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When in Dubai: The Kardashians Shop for Burqas


The oppression of women just got a big fashion boost.

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French Canada vs. Sharia


Quebec courageously introduces a bill that says no to the niqab. Will other Canadian provinces follow?

Buried Alive In Turkey—and Under the Burqa


In Turkey, a father and grandfather bury Medine Memi, a sixteen-year-old girl, alive.

France denies citizenship to man with veiled wife – AP

PARIS – French authorities have denied citizenship to a man who forced his French wife to wear a face-covering veil, saying he had rejected national values of secularism and gender equality.The government has been speaking out strongly against head-to-toe veils, and is moving toward banning them in public after a long public debate over French […]