Terrorism Supporters Exploit Chapel Hill Killings


Supporters of actual terrorism claim a parking space argument was terrorism.

765 Voted in North Carolina and Another State in 2012


Obama won North Carolina in 2008 by 14,000 votes.

North Carolina Democratic Party to Name Racist Hate Group Leader as Exec Director


After the NAACP fired him for sexual harassment, Benjamin Chavis Muhammad blamed the Jews.

Banning ‘Choose Life’ License Plates to Protect Free Speech?


Why the North Carolina court got it wrong.

Banking – the Union Way


How Democratic funding powerhouses are taking revenge on the party for holding the DNC in right-to-work Charolotte.

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Willful Blindness at the DNC


Reality is the only true solution to America’s ills.

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Joe Biden Unchained


The Obama campaign fans the flames of racial hatred.

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The Coming DNC Disaster


There’s good reason for Democrats to stay away from the scandal-plagued swing state.

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North Carolina Democrats Mobilize Against Israel


Party condemns the Jewish State; blames Israel for creating instability in the world.

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Horowitz’s Speech at UNC

The video of David Horowitz’s speech that provoked a walk-out at UNC.