John Kerry’s Shameless Flip-Flop on Missile Defense


Another testament to our new secretary of state’s egregious judgment.

North Korea Leans Toward Brink of War

North Korea Rally

While waiting to exploit any sign of weakness in the Obama administration.

Obama Inc. Bows to North Korean Threats, Claims It Isn’t Bowing to North Korean Threats

Barack Obama, Hu Jintao

Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer said the decision to scrap a critical US missile test was “absolutely not” a retreat after Pyongyang’s

America’s Foes Call Obama’s Bluff


The worst actors on the world stage decipher they are free to do as they please.

Obama Retreats, North Korea Pushes Harder


North Korea has to bring home a prize to show China that it’s worth subsidizing. And the prize can’t just be humiliating Obama. Anyone can do that these days.

North Korea Provokes, Dems Retreat


Why does the Left oppose protecting the defenseless eastern seaboard from attack?

Obama’s North Korean Bluff Collapses, Kim Jong Un Wins

obama chicken

Obama couldn’t even handle a meaningless bluff and shut down a scheduled show of force to avoid upsetting a pint-size dictator.

China Signals it will Back North Korea in War

Barack Obama, Hu Jintao

China won’t sell out North Korea, no matter how much it should, and that sends a message to the rest of the world. Who would you rather have in your corner? China or America?

World on Edge over North Korea


USS Fitzgerald shifted to waters off the Korean peninsula.

Why is North Korea Threatening the United States?


While North Korean troops won’t be landing in California tomorrow, the nuclear bomb that terrorists may detonate in Los Angeles will probably be derived from North Korean technology with the help of North Korean experts.