NATO’s Next Secretary General: Jens Stoltenberg?


Why the former KGB ally is not fit for the job.

Arctic Jihad


Radicalism climbs to Europe’s northernmost regions.

Doublethink in Norway


It’s all about sharia law…except that it’s not.

Three Cheers for ‘Lilyhammer’


A frank, funny – and courageously critical – look at social-democratic Norway.

Lying about Norway’s Progress Party


Obama’s insulting ambassadorial appointment to Norway.

Obama Million Dollar Bundler Nominated as Ambassador to Norway Has No Clue What its Form of Government Is

obama idiot

The next ambassador to Norway committed a jaw-dropping diplomatic blunder

Breivik Tried to Undermine CounterJihad, Admits Nazi Goals

Anders Breivik-1459719

He says that he was using “the counterjihad” rhetoric to protect “ethno-nationalists”

Red Star over Scandinavia


Communists in the Nordic news media, then and now.

Christian Goodwill Toward the Jewish State

Amish in Israel

A welcomed reprieve from the daily hatred leveled against Israel.

Insane Asylum Seekers


Food “racism” in Norway against refugees?