Victimized by Muslims? You Deserve It

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What two Norwegian journalists concluded from their harrowing encounter with Islamic immigrants.

Who’s the Real Iron Lady of Norway?

Erna Solberg and Siv Jensen

A battle of philosophies.

Muslims Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Norwegian Girl, Get Community Service


Norway is now officially Pakistan.

The Billionaire and the Terrorist

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Two Norwegian celebrities cast their votes.

Socialists on the Campaign Trail

It’s election season in Norway.

My Life as a Public Enemy


Norway’s national witch hunt against a dissenting voice.

Muslim Riots and Leftist Willful Blindness

Stockholm riots Sweden

The train wreck of mass Islamic immigration in Europe — and the mass denial about it.

Norway Loses $713,000 on Every Muslim Immigrant

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The government has spent as much on getting 33 000 non-western immigrants into work or studies within six years as the state’s total spending on day care, school, education and research for the entire population

Top Norwegian Prof: Critics of Mass Immigration Mentally Ill


Suggests “curing” with anti-psychotic drugs in the drinking water.

Norwegians: Outsiders in Their Own Country


More and more European teenagers feel like oppressed minorities in their own communities.