Norwegian Comedy Show Offers Bieber Tickets in Exchange for Converting to Islam


I’m not sure what the lesson to be drawn from this is except that religion has grown rather weak in Europe and many teenagers have no idea what Islam is. Anne Kat, a Norwegian comedy show named after Anne Katrine Hærland, a standup comedian who is not exactly a fan of religion, had a bit […]

Academics or Agitprop Artists?


When “scientists” smear human rights promoters as “fascists.”

Selling Out Western Culture in Norway


Increasingly, the foxes are guarding the henhouse.

Lying About Immigration in Norway


State media conceal the fact that Norwegians will soon become a minority in their own country.

Muslim Immigration is the Real War on Women

Taliban beat a woman in KabulSep.2001

“70 percent of these cases involve families with different ethnic backgrounds. The cultures we are talking about use little alcohol and do not celebrate Christmas,” says domestic violence coordinator in Oslo, Stein Erik Olsen.

State TV in Norway: Paying to Be Propagandized


The shameless lies of Norwegian public broadcasting.

Norway’s Happy Lies on Muslim Immigration


Media conceal the ugly truth about the country’s multicultural nightmare.

No Hebrew, Please — This Is Europe

Mail Attachment

Across a continent, Jews are being terrorized into hiding their identity.

A Christmas Carol


How some quick-acting Norwegian parents saved their kids from a halal yule.

Norwegian Court Strikes Down Terror Charges for Founder of Iraqi Al-Qaeda Affiliate


Krekar told the Kurdish magazine Awene that he wants to return to Iraq to fight openly against the Iraqi government and the coalition, but that he lacked travel documents from the Norwegian government. The Norwegian minister of labour and migration, Bjarne Håkon Hanssen, responded that Krekar could leave at any time and that he would be given “travel documents within the day. He’ll also get money for airline tickets, taxi cab, and the whole deal.”