Hundreds of U.S. Contractors Detained in Iraq


And the tragic connection to the strong re-emergence of al-Qaeda.

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Iraqi Sectarian Tension Flare


Arrest warrant issued for Sunni vice-president.

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Iraq Teeters


While Obama’s retreat is completed.

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Obama’s Abandoning Iraq Roadshow


The president wraps himself in glory ahead of his disastrous withdrawal.

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Leaving Iraq


Only weeks remaining before American troops are scheduled to withdraw from the country.

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Another American Contractor Kidnapped In Iraq – Wasn’t This Supposed To be Over?

I thought Saddam Hussein and the Sunni Muslims were the bad guys.  And aren’t Nouri al Maliki and the Shiites the good guys? Oh, wait - I forgot about Muqtada al Sadr.   Why can’t I keep this straight?  American soldiers and Marines fought like Hell, shed their blood, and died to take down Saddam.  So how [...]