Favorite Judge of John Gotti, the Weathermen and Islamic Terrorists Declares NYPD’s “Stop and Frisk” Illegal

The outcome of any case that goes before Judge Shira Scheindlin, a woman who loves criminals more than Popeye loves spinach, is predictable.

CAIR Allies Slam NYPD Chief as Possible DHS Pick

Ray Kelly

Too tough on terror for Islamists and their collaborators.

Bloomberg vs. CAIR’s Interfaith Friends


New York City mayor vows to veto bill supported by Muslim Brotherhood front groups and the ACLU.

The Left’s Newest ‘Civil Right’ — the Right to Be Murdered


New York votes to curb one of the most effective anti-crime policies ever implemented.

NYPD Warns Against Bill That “Will Ban Cops from Identifying a Suspect’s Age, Gender and Color”


We know that age, gender and color have nothing to do with crime and allowing cops to use irrelevant factors like that to try and find suspects is just bigoted.

Stop and Frisk Works, Look the Other Way Doesn’t


The analysis credits the plummeting murder rate as 2 percent responsible for increased life expectancy

Islamist Legal Project Calls for Shunning Muslims Who Warn Police of Terrorist Plots

My Jihad

The proposal to shun Muslims who act as good New Yorkers, rather than as good Muslims reveals the bad faith of the Islamists.

A Killer in the Wind


Andrew Klavan’s latest thriller delivers.

The Fed Reserve Bomb Plotter: Explaining Jihadist ‘Nice Guys’


Quazi Nafis wasn’t a maniac, but a rational devotee of Islam.

Everything’s Coming Up Jihad


Islam and the NYPD.

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