California School District Tells Students to Compare MLK and a Cop Killer


“The media, prison system and law enforcement organizations have censored Mumia Abu-Jamal.”

Convert Follows “Allah’s Direction” to Hardware Store, Stabs Employee to Death

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“None of us believe he would just walk into a store and stab someone.”

Protesters Respond to Zimmerman Verdict with Dignity, Restraint, Window Smashing and Flag Burning


What better way to express your feelings over a verdict thousands of miles away than to drive away the few businesses still choosing to do business in your community.

The True Face of Occupy Wall Street


After a brief lull, the neo-communist movement is back with an ugly vengeance.

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Occupy Oakland’s Dangerous Follies


The next stage of the Aimless Occupation of America is upon us.

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Occupy Wall Street Out!


Frustrated cities try to evict the mob.

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Arizona or San Francisco?


Which path will America take on immigration?

The Radical Son’s Progressive Daughter – by David Swindle


Sarah Horowitz showed how the Left could save itself from self-destruction.

The FBI Awards – by Lloyd Billingsley


A Sacramento imam gets a prize while the FBI investigates a jihadist mole.