California School District Tells Students to Compare MLK and a Cop Killer


“The media, prison system and law enforcement organizations have censored Mumia Abu-Jamal.”

Convert Follows “Allah’s Direction” to Hardware Store, Stabs Employee to Death

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“None of us believe he would just walk into a store and stab someone.”

Protesters Respond to Zimmerman Verdict with Dignity, Restraint, Window Smashing and Flag Burning


What better way to express your feelings over a verdict thousands of miles away than to drive away the few businesses still choosing to do business in your community.

The True Face of Occupy Wall Street


After a brief lull, the neo-communist movement is back with an ugly vengeance.

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Occupy Oakland’s Dangerous Follies


The next stage of the Aimless Occupation of America is upon us.

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Occupy Wall Street Out!


Frustrated cities try to evict the mob.

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Arizona or San Francisco?


Which path will America take on immigration?

From the Writings of David Horowitz: April 29, 2010

In pursuit of answers to the mystery of Betty’s death, I subsequently discovered that the Panthers had killed more than a dozen people in the course of conducting extortion, prostitution and drug rackets in the Oakland ghetto. While these criminal activities were taking place, the group enjoyed the support of the American left, the Democratic [...]

From the Writings of David Horowitz: April 18, 2009

I arrived in Austin, Texas, one evening recently to give a speech about academic freedom at the university there. Entering the hall where I was to give my speech, I was greeted — if that’s the word — by a raucous protest organized by a professor and self-styled Bolshevik, Dana Cloud. Forty protesters hoisted placards [...]

What David Horowitz and My Irish Mother Know About Baseball

When my mother immigrated to America from Ireland in 1959, the first thing she learned about was Baseball. Her stipend from nursing school was small, so once she had climbed to her perch in the nose-bleeds, she was not only in “Baseball- Heaven” emotionally, but darn close physically.
In 1974, then living in San Jose, California, [...]