Rep. Keith Ellison: Apologist for Jihad

keith ellison al jazeera

The congressman’s curious theory on the root causes of terrorism.

Aiding Islamic Terrorists Is Our Foreign Policy


Obama isn’t fighting terrorists — he’s fighting us.

Terror Apologist Named to Federal Anti-Terror Post


The jihadist sympathies of Obama’s new State Department appointee.

Netanyahu’s True Electoral Rival


Why Obama is more concerned about the Israeli PM’s speech to Congress than ISIS.

Obama’s Summit of Jihad Denial

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While ISIS slaughters, the president searches for a “community” response.

The Muslim Brotherhood-ISIS Connection


Another link in a long chain of related terror organizations.

Sessions: Obama Dismantling the Immigration System


Six years of ignoring and unilaterally rewriting the nation’s laws.

Obama’s Anti-Netanyahu Boycott Is Collapsing


Why the president’s plan to punish the Israeli prime minister backfired.

Raymond Ibrahim on Obama, Crusades, Inquisition, and Relativism


How Islamist apologists gloss over the daily atrocities committed by ISIS.

Make the ISIS Caliphate a Jihadist Kill Zone


What committing a serious fighting force to decimate ISIS would mean for Mideast stability.