The Salafi Crusades


The War for Civilization begins.

Silent Conquest – The End of Freedom of Expression in the West


Frank Gaffney’s powerful new documentary on the Obama administration’s submission to stealth Jihad.

Barbarians Versus Barbarians in Syria

Tom Stoddart Collection

One order from Assad and chemical weapons will rain down on the country.

Pushing Obama Over the Fiscal Cliff


How Republicans can use the confrontation to revive their party.

Obama’s Impotence in the Face of Muslim Brotherhood Coup

Anti-Morsi protesters chant outside the Supreme Judicial Council building in Cairo, Egypt.

The administration refuses to take sides against the Brotherhood’s tyrannical power grab.

Obama and Morsi: Separated at Birth


An ocean divides the two men, but there is a good deal they have in common.

The Democrats’ Desired Deal Is No Deal


Why Obama is willing to go over the cliff.

Charles Payne and Steven Moore at Restoration Weekend

Picture 29

Understanding the “fiscal cliff” and the dire road ahead.

Why Terrorist Attacks Have Quadrupled Since 2001


Despite reassurances from the Obama administration, jihad is only growing.

Courage and Conviction Award Winner Laura Ingraham at Restoration Weekend

Picture 27

A conservative warrior explains why she’s hopeful about the future.