Benghazi Smoking Gun Exposed


Obama lied, people died.

Why Eric Holder Shut The Mouth of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – on The Glazov Gang


The silencing of a jihadist when he was singing like a bird.

Economic Misery: The New Normal

How the Obama administration is fudging the numbers on our economic decline.

Who We Must Blame For Boston


Obama refuses to do the one thing that will keep America safe.

Drowning Out All Things Benghazi


Obama’s trying to drown out the Benghazi Whistleblowers the way he drowned out the cries for help from the Americans who died there.

Obama Vacations While Economy Tanks


The cold, hard figures showing the president’s lack of concern for suffering Americans.

Obama Administration to Welcome Genocidal Sudanese Leaders for Talks


Founder of Khartoum’s “Ghost Houses” (torture chambers) invited to DC.

AP Scrubs ‘Muslim’ from Obama’s Self-Referential Joke


Why the pro-active reporting?

The President of Hollywood


Conan O’Brien takes on the role of Press Secretary at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Syria Calls Obama’s Chemical Weapons Bluff


The president reassures America’s enemies that there is no bite to his bark.