Obama — Bootlicks Putin, Bullies Jews

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin

Obama tells Israel that he’s “got your back,” but he doesn’t even have America’s.

Obama’s Enforcer In Egypt


U.S. Ambassador Anne W. Patterson tries to restore Morsi to power.

Cuba & North Korea: Terrorist Brothers in Arms


How Castro repays the Obama administration’s “outreach.”

Positions of Power


How Obama’s UN ambassador nominee is trying to cover up her radical past.

The Brotherhood-Benghazi Connection — on The Glazov Gang


Morsi’s fall and the revelations it may trigger.

Race-Industry Leeches


Will the DOJ pursue its self-serving, race-baiting agenda in the Zimmerman case?

Free Morsi: Obama’s Fight for a Bloody Tyrant

Egypt's new president-elect, Muslim Brot

Unmasking the White House’s campaign for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Iranian Nukes on the Horizon


Obama’s weakness and its potentially apocalyptic consequences.

The Democrats’ Threat to ‘Go Nuclear’


Progressives plot to dramatically shift constitutional powers to Obama.

Misrepresenting American Jewry


Do mainstream Jewish organizations represent the interests of the Jewish community or Obama?