The ObamaCare Battle


Top conservative activists discuss the lies and scandal behind the health care law at Restoration Weekend.

An Ominous Omnibus


The mammoth spending bill would fund amnesty and Obamacare — and could be voted on today.

Downing Street Gruber


Why the ObamaCare architect’s statements are worse than the Downing Street memo.

The Vanishing White Democrat

James Carville

Will the Democrats go extinct in 2016?

Only 29% of Whites for ObamaCare, Minority Support Falls to New Low


It’s the first time non-white support has fallen below 60 percent

“I Have to Admit, as a Supporter, Obamacare was Built on a Foundation of Lies.”


“Its officials lied to all of us—Republicans, Democrats, and independents”

ObamaCare is Killing People in Rural America


That’s how you kill people while promising that you’re helping them.

Obamacare Architect Exposes Progressive Totalitarianism


A glimpse into the true heart of the Left.

Howard Dean: ObamaCare Created by “Elitists” Who Don’t Understand Americans


Howard Dean is opening the door to tearing down ObamaCare

ObamaCare Architect Doubles Down: “The American People are Too Stupid to Understand the Difference.”


“Taxing the companies worked because Americans didn’t understand the difference.”