Obama to Spend $1.5 Billion Promoting ObamaCare


Including $52 million spent on celebrity endorsements

Secretary of Health Leaves Over ObamaCare Failure

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius Campaigns For Obama In Michigan

She wasn’t at the Rose Garden ceremony

Study: Obama Overestimated ObamaCare Signups by 3.2 Million


Only one-third of Obamacare sign ups were from the previously uninsured

Obama Spent $684 Million Marketing ObamaCare


“We didn’t make a hard sell,” Obama said in the Rose Garden

Hawaii ObamaCare Spent $32,750 Per Enrollee


…a sum greater than the price of a new 2014 BMW 320i sedan

Hundreds of Jobs Lost as Store Chain Closes Due to ObamaCare and Minimum Wage Hike


It’s just Obama making life better

Dem Presidential Candidate Abandoning Broken ObamaCare Exchange That Cost $125 Mil


That comes out to around $1,500 to $2,500 per attempted sign up

ObamaCare’s Indefinitely Extended Deadline


How the Obama administration is bypassing the the insurance sign-up cut-off date.

Screw You, Mickey Kaus


My impossible ordeal with ObamaCare.