ObamaCare Increased Premiums 39% to 56%


And this is just the beginning.

WaPo Bipartisan Compromise: “Kill the Elderly, Raise Taxes and Legalize Illegal Aliens”


Did you hear that liberals are throwing in dead grandmas into the bargain?

Obama Unilaterally Decides Sequester Shouldn’t Apply to ObamaCare Welfare


Time for more military budget cuts.

Florida Loss Spells Doom for Democrats


Obamacare supporters hit the panic button.

35% of ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion Beneficiaries will be Criminals


ObamaCare meets the needs of Obama’s base

The Entertainment President


How Obama is keeping his presidency just above water.

ObamaCare Individual Mandate Will Never Take Effect Under Obama

Obamacare Image

It’s supposed to make the people complaining go away

Obama to Latinos: Dump Your Cell Phone and Cable to Pay for Health Insurance


“Is the Affordable Care Act really affordable?” the moderator asked.

Two State ObamaCare Exchanges Under Federal Investigation

Becca Pearce and Dr. Josh Sharfstein

Where’s the investigation of Healthcare.gov?

The Parade of ObamaCare Lies Marches On


What’s hiding behind the administration’s statistics on the “newly insured.”