Cameras Capture the Moment Working Class Americans Realize How Much ObamaCare Hurts Them


ObamaCare means higher premiums, higher deductibles and higher co-pays

Income Inequality: ObamaCare Call Center Workers Sue Over Unpaid Wages


Obama’s net worth is around $7 million. The call center workers… much less than that.

3X More Californians Lose Insurance Over ObamaCare than Get it Back


Three times as many people have lost insurance as have gained it.

Really Understanding Obamacare


A concise overview of every vital fact you need to know about this legislative monstrosity.

Woman Spends 6 Weeks Trying to Escape ObamaCare


“He said, ‘I’m not allowed to tell you that.’”

ObamaCare Is So Awful Prisons are Enrolling Murderers In It


If it’s good enough for a serial killer, it’s good enough for your family.

ObamaCare’s Attack on the Elderly


The president’s macabre new year’s gift: paying hospitals not to treat seniors.

Under ObamaCare, Seniors to Receive Worse Treatment than Medicaid Patients


Doctors will be paid less to treat a senior than to treat someone on Medicaid

FBI Warned Security Expert Not to Talk About Gov Health Website’s Dangers


“They were not interested in talking about the security issues.”

Democratic Exodus

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 1.31.27 AM

Progressives up for re-election can read the tea leaves.