Andrew Klavan: Defend Cancer Against the Jews!


A Truth Revolt video.

Israel and the Moral Midgets of American Academe


The American Studies Association exposes the deep-seated rot of today’s universities.

The Morality of Occupation


Lessons from the post-WWII era for today’s Israel.

Chuck Hagel’s Plan for U.S. Forces in ‘Palestine’


The Secretary of Defense nominee proposed forced two-state solution and troop occupation.

The West’s Shameful Demonization of Israel


Putting Hagel’s hatred of the Jewish State into perspective.

Why Lifting the Israeli ‘Occupation’ Won’t Stop Violence

A Hamas supporter carries a mock Qassam rocket during a demonstration against Israel at al-Yarmouk Camp

A commonsense consensus is emerging in the Jewish State.

Affirming the Jewish State’s Territorial Rights


Putting the myth of Israel’s “occupation” to rest.

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Israeli Settlements: Not Just Legal, But Necessary


Refuting the leftist propaganda.

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A BDS Call for Disarmament in the Middle East


But only for Israel, of course.

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Baroness Caroline Cox at Restoration Weekend


An international heroine discusses the shared challenges that bring the US and the UK together.

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