White House: Barack Obama Not Responsible for what Barack Obama Tweets


That was the other Barack Obama who was doing all that stuff.

Obama Super PAC to Exploit Newtown Kids with Fake Memorial Events


This is how you can tell you’re dealing with people who have no conscience

The Democratic Party vs. Barack Obama


How the president’s loss will be transformed into Hillary’s gain.

Only Man in America to Sign Up for ObamaCare is Obama Volunteer


ObamaCare depends entirely on tricking twenty something males into signing up for it. If they don’t show up, then the whole thing collapses.

Obama Campaign To Go After Pro-Gun Democratic Senators

obama monster

The eternal campaign is not only being used to target Republicans, but it’s even being used to perpetrate “Night of the Long Knives” purges within his own party.

Organizing Kids for Obama


How the President is using the public school system as his own private recruiting farm.