Illegal Alien Police Officers?


The logic-defying program some police departments are enacting.

Praising Arizona


The state’s new immigration law is perfectly reasonable, but you wouldn’t know it from the New York Times.

Smearing Arizona


The New York Times lies about Arizona and endorses illegal immigration.

PC Casualties


Political correctness in the CIA may be deadly.

Trained For the Wrong War


How the Obama administration’s shuffle of combat forces has endangered the troops.

Russian Dissident’s Passion Endures Despite Tests –

MOSCOW — You almost feel sorry for the police officer tasked with detaining Lyudmila M. Alexeyeva as she led an unsanctioned protest on New Year’s Eve. It is not just that at 82 years of age she appears as fragile as a porcelain teacup, or that she was dressed as a Snow Maiden, complete with […]